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Discover Siena

(Maximum duration 3 hours)

A guided tour designed for people who already know Siena but wish to discover the less known stories and anecdotes of the city. Together we will dive into the wonderful tangle of narrow streets, towers and hidden squares which keep the oldest stories and secrets of the city.
Little Churches, less known but extraordinarily rich of masterpieces, such as Santa Maria dei Servi and San Martino, alleys kept intact through the centuries, hidden traces of ancient arts and crafts, as well as the nature that grows inside the walls of a medieval urban plan still throbbing with life. Mysteries, forgotten stories, curiosities, legends and characters that have made history of this town.

A different way of visiting Siena.

Siena museums around the Duomo complex

(Maximum duration 6 hours)

On this guided tour we will discover together the most monumental spaces of the historical center of Siena. The Duomo is the focus of a series of exceptionally beautiful museums, which bring together some of the greatest masterpieces of the medieval art: the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo, with its valuable stained glass window and the superb Majesty by Duccio di Boninsegna; the Baptistery, a true example of Gothic architecture of the 14th century; the Piccolomini Library, inside the Cathedral, frescoed by Pinturicchio; the Crypt, extraordinary discovery made only twenty years ago, which contains priceless testimonials of the 13th century.

Siena museums of the council’s pride

(Maximum duration 3 hours)

A thematic guided tour to discover the history of Siena from its municipal museums, a suggestive journey that will allow us to retrace the entire history of the city, from the Etruscan origins to the political, commercial and artistic affirmation in the late Middle Ages. We will visit the Museum Complex of Santa Maria della Scala, one of the oldest hospitals in Europe, which houses, in the Pellegrinaio, one of the most important cycles of frescoes of the Sienese’s 15th century . Then we will delve in the underground tunnels of the former hospital, going towards the Archaeological Museum, which displays important Etruscan finds from across the province. We will visit the Civic Museo, inside the Palazzo Pubblico, which houses the most famous frescoes of the Sienese medieval times, starting with the Buongonverno by Ambrogio Lorenzetti and the Majesty by Simone Martini.

Siena Duomo’s pavement

(Maximum duration 2 hours)

A visit to admire the magnificent pavement of the Duomo, which is covered for ten months per year in order to preserve it from the wear of time: a unique opportunity to discover one of the most beautiful pavements in the world. Our guides, with their deep knowledge of the religious iconography, will accompany you on an unforgettable journey through the stories of the Old Testament, the prophecies of the Sibyls, the allegories and the myths that have founded the Western culture. In addition to the magnificent floor, we will also analyze together the other masterpieces located in the Cathedral, like the thirteenth-century pulpit which is one of the greatest masterpieces of Nicola Pisano.

Basilica cateriniana San Domenico

(Maximum duration 2 hours)

A tour to retrace the history of the medieval Siena from the San Domenico Church: the church is dedicated to one of the most representative figures of the Sienese history, Santa Caterina, patroness of Italy.
Built in the 13th century, the Church became Caterina’s favorite place of prayer, who was seen in mystical ecstasy several times right in the majestic Chapel of the Vaults.
Our guides will tell you about how the Saint’s life is indissolubly linked to this church, which today still preserves her relic in a beautiful Renaissance chapel. The history of San Domenico Church is not only linked with Caterina: the fourteenth-century crypt, the Renaissance frescoes and the Gothic architecture are the wonderful demonstration of the timeless charm of this church, capable of surviving for cen-turies to earthquakes, fires and to the thousands of damages brought along with the passing of time.

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