San Gimignano

Our tours in the city of the Beautiful Towers, discover with us this magical place.

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San Gimignano beautiful towers

(Duration 1 and a half hours / 2 hours)

For all those who wish to discover how people used to live in a tower during the Middle Ages, who were the richest merchants of the city, which frescoes were admired by the pilgrims on the Via Francigena, here is a guaranteed departure tour and at an affordable price.

One of our guides will be available every Sunday at 11:00 am in front of the San Gimignano Tourist Office in Piazza Duomo ready to help you exploring the city.

The visit starts in Piazza Duomo, continues along Via San Matteo until reaching the church of

Sant’Agostino, built in the late 13th century, with splendid Renaissance frescoes by Benozzo Gozzoli . We will then go back toward the center through a side street. The tour will end in Piazza della Cisterna.

Tickets for this tour can be bought on the spot, at only 15 € per person.

San Gimignano with itinerary options

(Maximum 3 hours duration)

A guided tour to discover San Gimignano, a UNESCO world heritage site for its beautiful old town center with its famous towers, pratically unchanged since the Middle Ages.
San Gimignano is one of the Tuscan towns that has best retained the urban layout from the Municipal period. In our itinerary we will walk the Via Francigena, around which the first village was formed on, starting from the Porta San Giovanni to the extreme opposite one, Porta San Matteo.
While walking through, the tour will reveal the secrets of Piazza della Cisterna and Piazza del Duomo, famous for the Palaces of the Podestà and the towers of the Salvucci Family; other interesting stops of our itinerary will be the viewpoint, situated on top of the town, and the church of Sant’Agostino with frescoes by Benozzo Gozzoli.

Other visits that may be added to the tours are:

Visit to the Municipal Museum. Here are preserved some valuable tables of the 13th and 14th centuries, the artworks of artists such as Coppo Marcovaldo, Benozzo Gozzoli, Filippino Lippi and Pinturicchio.

Visit to the Cathedral. The Duomo, or rather the Collegiata of San Gimignano, preservs two cycles of frescoes about the Old and the New Testament ,which are fourteenth-century works, the San Sebastiano by Benozzo Gozzoli and the chapel of Santa Fina with frescoes by Ghirlandaio.

Archaeological Museum and Pharmacy of Santa Fina. Here are preserved Etruscan finds found in the area and a collection of vases, tools, utensils and several „alborelli“ vases used in the past to preserve medicines.

Museum San Gimignano 1300. Here we can a miniature reproduction of the citiy i all ist detailes, particularly interesting for the lovers of history and urban planning.

In case of large groups , in order to facilitate the arrival of the group in the city center, the start of our tour will be fixed at the bus check point Baccanella (opposite the COOP supermarket). We invite you to make arrangements directly with the guide prior. For more information do not hesitate to contact us. Please also note that if you book a group ticket for the Civic Museum you will be entitled to a discount on the check point bus fare.

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