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Chianti: a castle of choice + gardens

(Maximum 3 hours duration)

A guided tour through beautiful landscapes and famous architectural masterpieces reknown all over the world. After travelling among the rolling hills of Chianti, you will be able to visit the castle of Brolio or the Meleto Castle.
Brolio castle, owned by the Ricasoli barons, is especially recommended for those who love Italian style gardens, typical of the 16th century. On this tour our guides will reveal stories and secrets of these places, for example, right in Brolio, the Baron Ricasoli selected the first blend of Chianti wine grapes!
This is not all: for those who wish to immerse themselves in the 15th century’s military architecture the Meleto Castle becomes an unmissable stop. Known for its massive fortifications and the imposing cylindrical tower, the interiors and the theater, furnished and painted according to the 18th century’s style, offers an unforgettable experience for the lovers of Baroque style.

Options availble to chose between the half-day tour (maximum 3 hours) or the full day tour (max 6 hours)

Chianti: Vertine and San Gusmè

(Maximum duration 3/6 hours)

An itinerary that combines two of the most characteristic villages of the Siena’s province, particularly suitable for those who wish to discover the pure soul of the Chianti area.
This tour in the Chianti area starts from Vertine, one of the most extraordinary examples of  medieval fortified-town. During our tour we will discover the remains of the city’s walls, still intact today, and of the semicircular tower that overlooked the village

San Gusmè is one of the most characteristic villages of the Berardenga region, which is the part of the Chianti that has best preserved its original essence: the old structure of the village, with arches topped with coats of arms and narrow uphill streets, testifies that the settlement dates back to the Carolingian period.
Along the way we will discover the beautiful vineyards and we will taste the wines that make the Chianti one the most famous and beloved region by tourists from all over the world.

Option to do an half-day tour (maximum 3 hours) or a full day tour (max 6 hours)

Chianti: Castellina and Greve

(Maximum 6 hours)

A visit in the heart of the Chianti region between the province of Florence and Siena: Castellina and Greve in Chianti have been the theather of several battles and disputes between Siena and Florence for many centuries.
Castellina and Greve, which are proud producers of the famous Chianti Classico wine, are also villages of incredible beauty; among their attractions, it is impossible not to mention the Rocca di Castellina, or the extraordinary Greve’s main Piazza.This guided tour in the Chianti area is especially recommended for those who wish to know the rivalry between Florence and Siena, recalling historical events that have had the wonderful Chianti’s hills, at the border between the two provinces, as a background.

Option to do the half-day tour (maximum 3 hours) or full day tour (max 6 hours)

Chianti: Radda and Castellina

(Maximum 6 hours)

An itinerary to discover Radda and Castellina, two of the most characteristic towns of the Chianti League.
Radda is an oval-shaped medieval village, enclosed within a wall which still preserves various wall-stretches and some watchtowers. Among the historic buildings stands the Praetorian Palace, on its facade there are many coats of arms of the various Podestà that have alternated in the city government. 
In Castellina you may visit the Etruscan tomb of Monte Calvario, the towering castle that today houses the City’s Council, and the picturesque Via delle Volte.

Those who wish to dedicate an entire day visiting the two villages will have the opportunity to also visit the Archaeological Museum of Chianti Senese of ​​Castellina: this is a unique opportunity to retrace the history of the Chianti area, from the Bronze Age till the first fortified settlements during the Etruscan period.

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