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Oltre il Ponte di Romana

Itinerario Barocco, e non solo, a sud della città...


Oltre il Ponte di Romana

Oltre il ponte


Guided walking tours in San Gimignano

Every sunday starting at 11.00 a.m. in front of the tourist office in piazza Duomo in San Gimignano.

Visite Guidate San Gimignano


Siena guided tour with electric bikes


A scenic tour of the city with the electric bicycles with pedal assistance of Siena Bike Tour, to see the city from a different perspective.

Starting at 4:00 pm every Saturday from the parking "ex campino" adjacent to the Medici Fortress, near to the bastion San Filippo (on the left looking at the Fortress).

We will move, accompanied by the guides of the Centro Guide, to discover the most beautiful views of the city, from the Fortezza to San Domenico, then to Piazza del Duomo and Piazza del Campo, to the beautiful Basilica dei Servi.

Reservations required.

Per info:


This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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Siena tour bici


Taste Siena

A new way of getting to know the typical products of Siena and the city's artistic heritage.

Every Monday from 1.30 P.M. to 4.00 P.M.


Taste Siena


Tour of Monteriggioni territory by mini van

From April to September tour of Monteriggioni territory by mini van

Tour Monteriggioni minibus

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Alla scoperta di Siena


IV edizione 2014-2015

A cura del Centro Guide Siena

Per info e prenotazioni:

tel. 057743273

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La via Francigena e l’ospedale della Scala (per bambini)

Chi era il pellegrino? Perché si metteva in viaggio e faceva sosta proprio a Siena? Venite a scoprirlo lungo il tracciato urbano della Via Francigena fino al Santa Maria della Scala, con la visita al Pellegrinaio.

Ore 10:15 Porta Camollia

Costo: €6 + biglietto del museo (gratuito fino a 11 anni e per i residenti nel Comune di Siena)



Il museo diocesano e l’oratorio di San Bernardino

Visita alla straordinaria collezione d’arte sacra che riunisce capolavori dei fratelli Lorenzetti, dei protagonisti del Medioevo e del Rinascimento senese, e un inconsueto dialogo fra Beccafumi e Sodoma, massimi protagonisti del Manierismo locale.

Ore 15:00 piazza San Francesco

Costo: €6 oltre al biglietto del museo diocesano



  • Per ogni visita si richiede la prenotazione obbligatoria (senza impegno) anche last minute, al fine di poter comunicare per tempo eventuali modifiche.
  • Ogni visita, se non diversamente specificato, ha il costo di €6 e una durata indicativa di 2 ore.
  • Tessera fedeltà con 1 tour omaggio ogni 4.
  • Opzione “regala una visita”.
  • Nei casi segnalati è da aggiungere il costo di uno o più biglietti di ingresso.
  • Gratis per i bambini sotto gli 11 anni al seguito di un adulto.
  • Per i tour dedicati ai bambini, il costo è di €6 per ogni bambino, gratis per l’adulto che lo accompagna (€6 per ogni adulto senza bambini).
  • Si consiglia di presentarsi qualche minuto prima dell’orario indicato.

Siena Bike Tour

The Centro Guide started a new collaboration with Siena BikeTour, that allows you a quicker, wider, more enjoyable approach to Siena itself, allowing to visit unusual but beautiful places with assisted pedaling bikes. It will be easier  and more funny to get to distant locations, together with a professional tour guide. Contact us for info and visit

Siena Bike Tour


Daily guided walking tour


Do not miss the chance to visit Siena with help of our highly specialized tour guides, through our daily tours .



Beauty and Taste

A guided tour in the wonderful city of the Palio, that will give you the opportunity to admire the wonders of the historical city center of Siena, the monuments, the squares and the breathtaking cityscapes.

The tour ends at the International Chef Academy of Tuscany in Siena with a cooking course, that will permit you to know and realize some of the typical recipes of tuscan culinary tradition. With the help of professional chefs, you will have the possibility to try an exciting experience, immersed in culinary art. At the end of the course you will taste the prepared dishes. Duration of the course in the Academy: 3 hours. A unique opportunity to visit Siena between art and taste with our guides.


Beauty and Taste


Tourist & Hiking

Guide Center


A unique way to visit Siena.

An experience not to be missed

For reservations, contact the call center: + 39 0577 2863 00

Centro Guide partner ufficiale


To capture panoramic views unreleased, urban and rural, the Siena skyline at sunset from out of town, and to optimize the timing and reach sites of interest are difficult to access ... choose SIENAinTAXI service lasts about an hour with stops targeted .
Number of participants: minimum 1, maximum 7 per taxi. Rate in the center € 35.00, € 40.00 off center.
For info and reservations: Cotas - Consorzio Taxi Siena: 0577 49222


If you want to visit Siena more accurately with historical and artistic information,  contact us at Centro Guide to 0577 43273 and we will be happy to accompany you.
Promotional rate for the on-board guide who speaks your language € 70.
Centro Guide Siena: 0577 43273




siena guide
Siena Unesco City Site
With its magnificent Campo square and its imposing Cathedral, Siena opens its heart to you
Guided tours Hiking
guide siena il palio

Palio and Contrads

The roll of drums and flag-waiving follow the Sienese people throughout all their life. The contradas are ancient medieval districts but still the backbone of Siena City

Guided tours

san gimignano torri guide siena

San Gimignano and the Vernaccia Wine
Miraculously hidden by the fog, thanks to the bishop of Modena, the city with one hundred towers has preserved its glory and aspect, even today

Guided tours Hiking

guide siena colle val d'elsa

Colle Val d’Elsa and Crystal

From Arnolfo di Cambio to Jean Nouvel, this city will impress you with its energy and capacity to renovate itself. Colle owes its richness to the Elsa river, which first allowed for the development of its wool industry, followed by paper manufacturing, and today the production of crystal

Guided tours Hiking


guide siena certaldo

Certaldo and Boccaccio

Friar Onion wanted to impress his followers with the feather of the Archangel Gabriel, but he found only lumps of coal and smartly he passed them off as relics of the martyrdom of Saint Laurence

Guided tours


guide siena vinci paese

Vinci and the Museum of Leonardo

To understand the genius of Leonardo you must visualize his creations, and thanks to the museum dedicated to Leonardo in the ancient castle of Counts Guidi this will be possible

Guided tours

volterra guide siena


From lucomony to prison to mental hospital, this has always been a town known for its alabaster. Today, it is known as the town of vampires thanks to New Moon of the famous Saga Twilight

Guided tours


Chianti Shine and Wine

Chianti Tours: You will not only find Chianti DOC and DOCG wines, but also castles and little boroughs hidden among the vineyards of Sangiovese, Malvasia, Trebbiano e Colorino

Guided tours

guide siena montagnola

Montagnola and Monte Maggio

Marble quarries and heroic episodes of partisan resistance make those places, still unknown to tourists, extremely fascinating

Guided tours

san galgano guide siena

Saint Galgano and the Sword in the Rock

A town of only ruins now, but long time ago it was a very healthy abbey just a few steps from the place where Saint Galgano converted himself and his sword became a cross

Guided tours

buonconvento guide siena


A hospice for pilgrims and a place of death for Henry the VII, Buonconcvento has been declared one of The Most Beautiful Boroughs in Italy

Guided tours

monte oliveto guide siena

Monte Oliveto Mother House

Known as a place of spiritual retirement for Saint Bernanrdo Tolomei, and a place of high artistic value thanks to the frescoes of Luca Signorelli and the eccentric Sodoma

Guided tours

asciano guide siena

Asciano and the Sienese Clay Hills

The landscape of the Ambrogio Lorenzetti is famous for the fresco of the Good Government is still evident when you cross this part of Tuscany, scattered with gullies and biancanas

Guided tours

pienza guide siena

Pienza and Pope Pio II

Dream of Enea Silvio Piccolomini, its own jewel among the olive trees, Pienza will surprise you with its Renaissance shapes and its Medieval charm

Guided tours

san quirico collegiata guide siena

Saint Quirico and the Orcia Valley

Saint Quiric is documented as stop XII by the Bishop of Canterbury, during his journey back from Rome in the year 990

Guided tours

bagno vignoni guide siena

Bagno Vignoni

Saint Catherine tested her faith here and Michel de Montaigne described it as miserliness

Guided tours

montalcino guide siena

Montalcino and Brunello Wine

A region known for not only its wine, but for tourism as well. In the Fortress is where the Sieneses sheltered to escape the Florentine lordship

Guided tours

sant antimo guide siena

Saint Antimo Abbey

A mystic place where the Gregorian chants resound and where you will be overcome by a disarming peace

Guided tours

montepulciano guide siena

Montepulciano and Nobile Wine

In his Bacchus in Tuscany, Francesco Redi wrote “Montepulciano is the king of every wine”, he referred to the taste or to the fact that noble people were involved in the production; we let you believe what you prefer

Guided tours

guide siena chiusi

Chiusi e gli Etruschi

And now we should tell about the Italian [labyrinth] that Porsenna, king of Etruria made for himself as a tomb, and at the same time to exceed the vanity of foreign kings. But as gorgeousness is over the imagination …., Plyni the Elder Naturalis Historiae

Guided tours

chianciano guide siena

Chianciano and the Spa

Our grandfathers would have referred to it with an Italian rhyme Chianciano fegato sano (healthy liver) but this thermal city has come a long way, and it is now a posh spa spot

Guided tours

cetona guide siena


The pretty little alleys going around the hill top take us away from a very far past which is from the Stone Age

Guided tours

sarteano guide siena


Charming medieval village between Val d'Orcia and Val di Chiana, who keeps the secrets of the Etruscan tomb of the sensational Infernal Quadriga

Guided tours Sarteano

amiata guide siena

Amiata Mountain and Abbadia San Salvatore

From the sacred wood for the Etruscans to the powerful Benedictine abbey of Saint Salvatore during the time of Charlemagne, from the little medieval hermitages where Saint Bernardino served his novitiate, to the Jurisdavidic devotees of David Lazzaretti in the XIX c., Amiata is for everybody the Sacred Mountain

Guided tours